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BMW 7-Series (Flagship Luxury)

Models[E32 Chassis]

• 725i
• 728, 728i, 728iS
• 730, 730i, 730d
• 732i
• 733i
• 735i
• 740i, 740d
• 745i
• 750i, 750iL
• 760i, 760Li

Written by Matt Krepinski (Enthusiast)

The BMW 7 series is a full size luxury car produced by BMW. It comes from the proud ancestry of the Bavaria and the other “New Six” cars. This vehicle only comes in sedan, so for coupe fans your next best option is the 6 series.

The first 7 series rolled off the line in 1977, and ever since then buyers have received spacious luxury, and curb appeal. This is the flagship BMW, the very best they offer. These cars up until recently have been offered in RWD. You are offered a pleasant and surreal ride for the driver and passengers.

The vehicle is elite, but that is not to say it doesn’t have competition. Most cars in the ultra high-end sedan league offer a fluffy cloud car that lacks personality and leaves the driver feeling uninvolved. BMW refuses to conform to this standard, and offers an exhilarating experience for people who actually like to drive, and offers the driver all the bells and whistles the competition has.

The reason BMW never dared to make even an M7 until recently, is simply they never needed to. Fans love this car; it offers everything you need and more. In 1986 the E32 was released and had some luxury options that are still impressive 20 years later. BMW offered integrated mobile phones, fax machines, a wine cooler, heated door locks, electronic stability, and a pressure based spring system that automatically increased spring pressure on your windshield wipers as you increased your speed. Considering the E32 was released 20 or so years ago, this is most astounding. No matter what speeds you intend on traveling, this car will accommodate your wishes.

I recommend this car for people who want to make a good impression, perhaps chauffeur clients around but at the same time know they have hundreds of furious German horsepower begging to be encouraged to make the driver exhilarated.

The 7 series offers a large spectrum of engine options. I4, I6, V8 and V12 gas models are available. You can occasionally come across I6 diesel models. As always I am going to recommend a V8 for this size of car, and nothing smaller than an I6.

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