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JDM 1991 Nissan Figaro import
1991 Nissan Figaro close up
1991 Nissan Figaro picture
1991 Nissan Figaro picture
1991 Nissan Figaro picture
1991 Nissan Figaro picture

Nissan Figaro For Sale

Stock #:T213759
Mileage:Only 130,700 Kilometers
Exterior Color:Pink Pearl
Interior Color:White Leather
Engine:1000cc Turbo
Vehicle Type:Ultra Compact
Location:In Japan - Dealer


  • Open Roof
  • No Major Accident History
  • All Power Options
  • Air Conditioning (A/C)


This pink Figaro is one of a kind.

It looks to be in great shape and the pink pearl pain really sets it apart from all those other Figaros;)

The engine bay looks spotless, and it looks like the timing belt has already been changed, a very good sign this car was well taken care of. The roof looks to be in good shape, a common Figaro issue, as does the dash, though from what we can see of the seats, they look to be showing their age.

If you're looking for a unique Figaro, hopefully in Pink, this is your car! 


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Japanese Dealer Vehicle

This Nissan Figaro is located at a dealership in Japan that we have access to.

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