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JDM 1992 Honda Prelude SI-R VTEC (SR-V) import
1992 Honda Prelude SI-R VTEC (SR-V) close up
1992 Honda Prelude SI-R VTEC (SR-V) picture
1992 Honda Prelude SI-R VTEC (SR-V) picture
1992 Honda Prelude SI-R VTEC (SR-V) picture
1992 Honda Prelude SI-R VTEC (SR-V) picture

Honda Prelude SI-R VTEC (SR-V) For Sale

Stock #:T29639
Mileage:Only 159,000 Kilometers
Exterior Color:Red
Engine:2.2L VTEC
Vehicle Type:Sports Car
Location:In Japan - Dealer


  • Roll Cage
  • Lowered Suspension
  • Inspection Available
  • More Details Available
  • More Pictures Available
  • All Power Options
  • Air Conditioning (A/C)


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Importing JDM vehicles from Japan to the USA.


Japanese Dealer Vehicle

This Honda Prelude SI-R VTEC (SR-V) is located at a dealership in Japan that we have access to.

An inspection is available!!

Japanese Dealership Inspection:�$300 CDN Payment Required

We are able to offer a pre-purchase inspection on some of the vehicles we have access to. This vehicle qualifies for our 3rd party inspection. The cost is $300 CAD on top of the price of the car, and it is done prior to the purchase of the car so that you have a better idea as to what you would be getting.

You'll want to read up on exactly what's involved in a Japanese Dealership Vehicle Inspection before you make this payment.

We accept PayPal for the $300 inspection payment:

payment methods

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After completing your Inspection Payment:

After completing your PayPal transfer, please reply back to your latest open inquiry or create a new support inquiry letting us know which vehicle your would like to order the inspection on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a moment to read through our FAQ section where you will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about importing a Japanese vehicle to Canada.

Why request an inspection on this car?

Pre-purchase Inspections Explained

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